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The world's most popular CMS.

One third of the web is powered by WordPress. Disney, Sony, MTV, and Marks & Spencer use it. That's why we offer WordPress website design and custom WordPress theme development.

WordPress is the Swiss Army Knife of Content Management.

WordPress powers business websites, blogs, membership sites, and eCommerce stores. It is an effective and quick-win solution for all types of websites due to its longstanding community.

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Create, edit, update, and delete your content without code.

We offer WordPress theme design because WordPress is tried, tested, and makes publishing and updating your website's content an absolute breeze.

WordPress is an opensource CMS.

WordPress is free to download, install, and update. This reduces your overheads compared to paid CMS like paid versions of Magento, and eCommerce CMS such as Craft CMS.

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30,000+ WordPress theme plugins.

Our custom WordPress themes can be extended with free plugins that add new features to your website. Never worry about paying a website developer for common features again.

Why us for WordPress web design?

Free Site Maintenance

We offer monthly website maintenance to keep your WordPress website backed up, secure, up to date, and fast loading. We really wanted to provide a five-star service to all our clients, so we decided to offer 1 month of free website maintenance. After month 1, you may choose to start a paid plan.

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Free Hosting and Domain

We give you 1 year of completely free hosting with your WordPress website. Your website is SSL certified, securely hosted, and you get 24/7 customer support services to help resolve hosting issues, and provide technical assistance. Our hosting provider is also officially recommended by WordPress.org.

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Free WordPress Training

We never want you to feel confused or lost. That's why we can give you or a member of your team a 1 day "Beginners WordPress" course prior to launching your custom WordPress website. Over Skype or on your business premises, where we deliver you or your staff's WordPress training is your choice.

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Your custom WordPress theme supports the best plugins.

We ensure your new WordPress website supports the best plugins. We will only recommend the most frequently updated, secure, and highly rated WordPress plugins for use with your custom theme. This keeps WordPress fast & secure.

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We design Gutenberg ready WordPress websites.

Meet Gutenberg.

You're going to love it.

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Gutenberg is the upcoming WordPress editor. In the not too far away future, this will be the editor that our clients interact with daily to manage their WordPress websites. That's why every WordPress website we develop is coded in a way that it is ready for Gutenberg. Gutenberg lets you add, edit, update, and delete not only text and images, but also columns, rows, and layouts.

Start a WordPress design project!
Our WordPress design process.

It's pretty simple, really.


Establish project goals.

We start with an honest chat, and document goals of your website. Goals may include but are not limited to:

  • Get more sales of a given product range.
  • Improve customer service response times.
  • Grow awareness of your new service.


Brainstorm solutions.

We collaborate and develop solutions to your particular problem through website design by:

  • Mapping customer personas to identify interests and pain points.
  • Creating use cases that show how we will achieve goals.
  • Mapping the customer journey.


Business research.

We get into the nitty gritty of what makes your business special and why your business does what it does by:

  • Reviewing your social media posts.
  • Reading your business documentation.
  • Visiting your current website (if you have one).


Competitive analysis.

If a competitor stands between you and your goals, don't worry. We analyse their digital efforts so you can do it better:

  • Where your competitors' visitors come from.
  • How popular their webpages are, and estimated visitors per month.
  • What their site does well, and where you can beat them.


Website architecture.

We create a sitemap that shows what pages we will build, and determine the best way to structure information for your users.

  • We start with pen and paper.
  • Then we create a digital version with Gloomaps.
  • We send you a link, you review and sign off, then move to step 6.


Wireframes and assets.

We wireframe your pages. You get an unbiased view of your site's layout. Once you're happy, we work with you to gather and create assets:

  • Written content.
  • Authentic images.
  • Brand guidelines.


Web development.

We turn these wireframes into a real website using the wireframes, sitemap, and assets we created earlier, and optimise page load speed.

  • W3C validated HTML and CSS.
  • Prefixed CSS for cross-browser compatibility.
  • Code is concatenated and minifed by our front end Gulp builder.
  • Less requests, smaller files, faster loading, less lost visitors.
  • You are kept in the loop throughout via your private Trello project management board. Watch your project progress in real time.


Deploy and maintain.

We arrange the purchase or transfer of your domain name and hosting where required then deploy your new website. Sharing is caring!

  • Need more traffic? We offer no contract SEO.
  • Need more time? We offer monthly site maintenance.
  • Need new pages? Get in touch for a free consultation.
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